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Osteoporosis and mobility scooters: a guide

Osteoporosis is a common condition that weakens bones and makes them fragile and more likely to break. This condition can also lead to symptoms such as back pain, loss of height and curvature of the spine (Kyphosis). Despite it affecting around three million people in the UK there are ways to make life easier when living with Osteoporosis, such as a comfortable and trustworthy mobility scooter. Whatever scooter you choose, it is essential that you select a model with suspension and air-filled tyres so that the ride is smooth and your Osteoporosis is not irritated by unnecessary jolts and bangs.

TGA supplies countless people across the UK with mobility scooters that help people avoid falls or walking long distances. Experiencing a fall can be very distressing and can regularly lead to a fracture if you have Osteoporosis. However if you own a mobility scooter you can enjoy days out, shopping or spending time outdoors with family and friends with peace of mind and with greater safety. Having limited independence or being housebound with Osteoporosis can lead to loneliness and isolation this can all change with ownership of a TGA mobility scooter such as a Vita Sport.

The 8mph Vita Sport 4-wheel mobility scooter provides extra support for users with its deep bucket seat and a smooth ride is assured through active all-round suspension. A stable, supportive position when seated is important when you have Osteoporosis so that good posture is maintained. This helps to reduce the possibility of curvature of the spine sideways and pelvic rotation called Scoliosis - common when extended periods of sitting are needed. As the Vita Sport has a seat with raised sides, you have extra lateral support so swaying side-to-side is reduced when driving over bumps. The backrest can be angled to suit your own most comfortable position and the armrests are fully adjustable so your shoulders and arms can relax in the ideal spot. Getting on and off is also safer with a TGA Vita Sport as its seat can be rotated 90 degrees so you can place your feet firmly on the ground before standing or sitting.

If you have a smaller frame, then a more compact electric scooter might be more up your street such as the TGA Vita Lite or Breeze Midi. Both these mid-range four-wheel mobility scooters offer many of the features found on larger TGA scooters plus you benefit from greater manoeuvrability. As their turning circles are tight, you can calmly glide around most obstacles at shopping centres, stately homes or in an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). Steering is light and the TGA Breeze 3 or Breeze 4 Midi mobility scooter both have pneumatic tyres providing a smoother ride and greater range. All these smaller models still include a quality, fully adjustable seat so enjoying the outdoors with Osteoporosis is as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

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