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Tyre Sealant (Price Per Wheel)

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This new puncture sealant system can now be injected in all mobility scooters with pneumatic tyres, so end users can experience more freedom with peace of mind. The concern of potentially experiencing a debilitating puncture has always been an issue as anyone who has experienced one will know, especially for individuals with very limited walking capabilities. This problem has now been minimised by TGA as it has established a partnership with a leading chemical sealant manufacturer. Together they can now provide a new, automatic puncture sealant system for all pneumatic mobility scooter tyres. This new TGA system will ensure that even if tyres or inner tubes are punctured, owners can usually continue with unaffected scooter performance. 

  • Easily installed on any mobility scooter fitted with pneumatic or ‘pump up’ tyres (old or new).
  • Environmentally friendly, latex-free compound.
  • Incorporates innovative fibres that bind together to form a robust, airtight surface.
  • Installs into all pneumatic tyres so that an internal protective coating is continually provided to the tyre as the wheel rotates. 
  • If a tread area becomes compromised by a nail or thorn, the combination of internal air pressure and centrifugal force, thrusts the solution into the hole instantly. 
  • As this process occurs automatically, pressure loss is minimal and uncompromised driving can continue.

Whilst there are similar products on the market, this solution eliminates the traditional need to carry a puncture repair kit, re-inflate a wheel or immediately replace a tyre. This new system is based on technology already used in many slow moving commercial vehicles involved with aviation ground support, civil engineering and agriculture.

This 300ml bottle of solution is suitable for 3 x 6” tyres (3 x 100ml dose), or 2 x 8” tyres (2 x 150ml dose) simply order the number of bottles you require for your specific scooter. 


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TGA tyre sealant

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