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12v 12ah Battery - Eclipse

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If you own or are looking to buy the TGA Eclipse Scooter, a spare 12v 12ah Battery – Eclipse is the perfect partner to ensure ongoing, uninterrupted use of your mobility scooter. Batteries wear down over time, especially during the harsh conditions that we so often face during the winter months, so having a spare 12v 12ah Battery ready to replace one that has become less efficient can keep you going. This sturdy, reliable 12v 12ah Battery is perfect as a backup or a replacement for your Eclipse scooter if your original battery becomes worn down. The 12v 12ah Battery for the Eclipse is a safe, reliable battery to make travelling on your scooter a long-term experience with the reassurance that you have the correct spare battery ready if you need it. Our affordable replacement 12v 12ah battery is perfect for our Eclipse Scooter, with the 12ah capability providing the same powerful experience you’re used to with our scooters.

If you have any questions about battery compatibility please call a member of our helpful customer service team on 0800 107 5349. They will be happy to clarify this matter with you.

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12v 12ah Battery - Eclipse

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