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Seat Swivel Pad

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Having a comfortable seat on your mobility scooter is essential, especially on longer trips. Therefore at TGA Mobility, we are proud to offer our Seat Swivel Pad, which is compatible with a large range of our mobility scooters, from the Breeze Midi 3 to the Vita Lite. So, if you feel as though there is something missing during your scooter travels, our Seat Swivel Pad could be the ideal solution.

The swivel mechanics allow you to turn to view your surroundings more efficiently, giving you peace of mind about the environment around you. With this extended field of vision, you can rest assured that your driving will be as safe as possible as you’ll be able to check all around. Not only that, but you’ll even be able to communicate better with those around you. If you’re travelling on your mobility scooter alongside a companion on foot, you’ll be able to maintain eye contact thanks to the movement that the Seat Swivel Pad offers, making it a versatile product.

We care about the comfort of our customers at TGA Mobility, so we’ve ensured that the Seat Swivel Pad is as comfortable as possible. Our mobility scooters have extremely comfortable leather seats, guaranteeing you a relaxing journey, and we haven’t compromised that comfort with our Seat Swivel Pad. Just like the scooter seat, our swivel pad is made of very comfortable material, providing you with more body movement as well as extra comfort.

If you are concerned about fitting your Seat Swivel Pad and would like assistance in doing so, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members! At TGA Mobility, we are always happy to help our customers, and can offer a home demonstration on fitting and using your Seat Swivel Pad. Just get in contact with us now on 0800 107 5349.

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Seat Swivel Pad

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