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Powerpack Holdall

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A TGA Powerpack is the ideal solution if you're looking to conquer difficult terrain in your wheelchair, and now, you can take your Powerpack wherever you go. Once you have removed the power pack from your wheelchair, it can be safely, quickly and efficiently transported in our Powerpack Holdall - a purpose made wheeled travel bag.

A Powerpack Holdall means that you never have to leave your Powerpack at home, allowing you to stay mobile across a broad range of terrain and to get around no matter where you need to go.

Our Powerpack Holdall provides you with a practical way to accommodate all of your essentials - in particular your wheelchair power packs. This means that you will always be prepared to tackle even the most difficult landscape, ensuring that you won't have to miss out on a long country walk or make a long diversion to avoid bumpy roads or rough ground.

Wheelchair Power Packs

Wheelchair power packs are an extremely handy option for anyone with a mobility issue, and there are plenty of options to choose from here at TGA Mobility. Whether you're looking for a Solo, Duo, Duo HD or PLUS wheelchair power pack, we have the holdall to match. These let you benefit from the added power to your chair when you need a boost, yet save its battery life by storing it away in your Powerpack Holdall when it's not needed.

Our TGA Powerpacks and Powerpack Holdalls will not only help you as a wheelchair user, but also your carer if they are used to pushing the wheelchair. With a wheelchair power pack, all they have to do is guide you in the right direction while the Powerpack takes the strain.

This helps to make any experience an enjoyable one, meaning you can have as much freedom as possible whether you're navigating ramps, hills or grass! The Powerpack Holdall makes having the power pack even more convenient by providing an excellent storage solution for the pack when not in use.

Why Choose A TGA Powerpack?

Here at TGA Mobility, we are proud of our excellent reputation for providing some of the most innovative solutions to keep you as mobile as possible. There are a number of models in the TGA power pack range, and our Powerpack Holdalls make using and storing one even easier.

TGA Powerpacks will generally last up to ten miles, meaning you may not need to keep your power pack running at all times. This is where our Powerpack Holdalls come in.

Your wheelchair can't be folded while a power pack is attached, so if you want to use a vehicle, then our TGA Powerpack Holdalls offer you a great solution to the problem of storing and transporting your power pack safely and securely.

We can provide you with a home demonstration on how to install and remove your power pack and how to store them in the Powerpack Holdall, and are always clear and transparent with all of our services.

If you have any further questions regarding our TGA power pack range or the Powerpack Holdall, get in touch on 0800 107 5349.

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Powerpack Holdall

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