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Lockable Rear Box

  • £90.00
  • £108.00 inc VAT
  • ✓ Available VAT exempt

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Although your mobility scooter already has some built-in luggage capacity, there may be times when you want to carry more items, keep your things protected from the weather or have them safely locked away.  The Lockable Rear Box provides a sturdy, spacious and compact solution to this problem.  Designed to fit your scooter perfectly, the  Lockable Rear Box is able to store any extra baggage that you need to bring with you, safely and securely.

If you need to leave your mobility scooter outside but are concerned about the security of your  valuables, the Lockable Rear Box will keep them safely under lock and key. You can bring whatever you need with you, and be confident that any expensive or personal items will be hidden safely from prying eyes. The Lockable Rear Box is bright red, so looks smart and helps you to stay visible on your mobility scooter. The Lockable Rear Box is made of strong, resilient material, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions, while keeping its contents safe and dry.

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