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Deluxe Storage Cover - Small

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The deluxe scooter storage cover in small is the ideal accessory for smaller mobility scooters and other accessories which need covering when in storage. The fully waterproof material of the cover and the heavy-duty nature of the product helps to ensure that your mobility scooter will be protected even if stored outside in heavy rains and high winds. The tailored shape of the storage cover can ensure that all headrests and baskets are covered effectively, without impacting the cover of the rest of the mobility scooter due to puckering or crevices in the material. The secure fastening system helps to make covering the mobility scooter much easier. The secure fastening system reduces the need for bending during setup, making the entire process of covering the scooter as straightforward as possible.  

Two easy access flaps made from clear PVC ensure charging is still possible while the mobility scooter is covered. It also offers excellent protection from rain, snow, high winds and dust when stored externally. The deluxe scooter storage cover offers an ideal solution for all mobility scooter owners.

This small version of the cover is suitable for use with our smaller mobility scooter models and accessories. The cover comes in navy, dimensions are as follows: H 105cm W 65cm L 115cm.

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Deluxe Storage Cover - Small

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