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Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat - Small

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Ideal for optimum protection both on and off the scooter, the Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat in small offers comfort and weather-proofing for all mobility scooter users. Alongside the waterproof materials which can help to protect against adverse weather conditions, the inner grey fleece lining ensures the wearer is both comfortable and warm throughout their journey. If you are looking for a luxurious and well made coat to protect from the elements then look no further than the Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat.

As well as durable materials, the coat features an extra wide dart which allows extra movement and ensures the wearer is not restricted at any time, whether on or off their scooter. The coat is easily transportable and can be folded and stored in a lockable rear box or basket, accessories which can also be supplied by TGA Mobility. Suited to use with any of our mobility scooter models, there are numerous benefits to purchasing one of these coats. Whether facing rain, snow or any adverse weather conditions, scooters users can be protected at all times.

Suitable for use with any of our mobility scooter models, your protection from the elements is assured.

The deluxe lined scooter coat is available in navy. The small coat size measurements are as follows: Chest 125cm L 125cm.

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Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat - Small

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