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Coverdry Absorbent Blanket

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The Coverdry absorbent blanket provides warmth and comfort to all wearers. Suitable for use whether riding, walking, or static, and to help protect wearers from numerous weather conditions including light rain and cold spells, there are various benefits to purchasing this particular blanket. The Coverdry blanket is up to 60% more absorbent than regular cotton, helping to keep the wearer dry in damp conditions. In addition the blanket features numerous antibacterial properties while remaining odour and dust mite resistant.

The inner layer of the Coverdry blanket is made of 100% bamboo, which helps to provide a soft cashmere feel to the product. The materials reduce the need for any harsh cleaning chemicals in order to maintain the product’s life, while still being machine washable. With a velvety touch and a disguisable waterproof and absorbent layer, the Coverdry blanket is ideal for use by all ages, whether as a wrap around on a wheelchair or mobility scooter, or as a cover for cars or sofas. This product is suitable for use with our entire range of mobility scooters as a comfortable and useful accessory. To find out more about the Coverdry absorbent blanket, or any of our other mobility scooter accessories, get in touch on 0800 107 5349 today.

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Coverdry Absorbent Blanket

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