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Cane/Stick Holder (Under Seat)

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For riders looking for a convenient storage option for their walking stick, cane or other mobility aid, our under-seat cane/stick holder can provide a simple yet effecttive solution. Suited for use with our Breeze S3, Breeze S4 and Supersport mobility scooters, as well as those in our approved-used range, our under-seat walking stick holder leaves plentiful room for other accessories to be attached to the mobility scooter. Making use of all possible space, the cane/stick holder attaches to the universal fitting and is able to remain secure throughout your journey. Clipped in place, the under-seat holder will remain solidly inplace across uneven surfaces.

Despite the cane/stick holder’s location under the seat, it has been designed to ensure that there is no discomfort for the scooter operator. Convenient placement beneath the seat means that is also shielded from adverse weather conditions helping to increase durability and longevity.

To find out more about this product and discuss your requirements please get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 107 5349.

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Cane/Stick Holder (Under Seat)

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