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Caddy Lightweight Trailer

  • £125.00
  • £150.00 inc VAT
  • Available VAT exempt

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Our Caddy Lightweight Trailer is the perfect pull-along for your mobility scooter for when you need that bit of extra room. The simple design matches any scooter and with its low weight but sturdy design, you can be sure that your scooter can pull it along. The versatile Caddy Lightweight Trailer fits the Breeze Midi, the Mystere and the Vita Midi, so it is suitable for most of our mobility scooters, and you can be sure of a perfect fit. The Caddy Lightweight Trailer is even foldable, so you can tuck it away and take it with you when it’s not in use and have it ready for convenient, easy access whenever you find yourself in need of extra room for your items. The lightweight design is simple and convenient, but sturdy and trustworthy. Get back your independence, spontaneity and ease of movement with our Caddy Lightweight Trailer, giving you the extra room you need for shopping bags or anything else you might need to transport.

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Caddy Lightweight Trailer

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