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All Weather Canopy - Vita Midi

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Our Vita Midi mobility scooter was designed to be the best of all worlds for our clients – a powerful mobility scooter in a compact package. Now, with the All Weather Canopy for the Vita Midi, you can also make sure that you’re protected from whatever the British weather may throw at you while you’re on your travels.

The All Weather Canopy fits onto the Vita Midi like a glove – each of the clips on the All Weather Canopy attaches to a designated area on the mobility scooter, completely shielding you from even the worst weather while remaining securely attached even on windy days. We have designed the All Weather Canopy to ensure that the you can still easily access your scooter, with roll-up doors to allow you to comfortably enter. This feature also makes the All Weather Canopy ideal for warmer, showery days; if the weather improves, you can roll up the sides for some fresh air without needing to remove the entire canopy. The opaque roof of the All Weather Canopy will help to protect you from the sun, while the rest of the canopy is entirely transparent, making sure that you have a full field of view for safe manoeuvring.

We have designed the All Weather Canopy to work perfectly with the Vita Midi’s compact size: the canopy fits just above the wheels to prevent any entanglement, and its frame holds the material well away from the handlebars so you can still steer with ease. The All Weather Canopy is the perfect addition for your Vita Midi scooter.

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