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All Weather Canopy - Vita 4

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Our Vita mobility scooter is well known for its modern, understated design and innovative engineering, but practicality is also paramount when using your mobility scooter in all weather conditions. The All Weather Canopy for the Vita model will keep you going whatever the weather, whether you’re caught in a downpour or travelling in the height of summer.

The All Weather Canopy for the Vita scooter has been carefully designed to shield you from the elements. The transparent, waterproof materials protect you from wet weather, ensuring that you remain completely dry under the All Weather Canopy while maintaining a 360° field of vision for safe driving. The top of our All Weather Canopy is opaque, protecting you from the sun’s rays in the summer. Nor is windy weather a problem; the All Weather Canopy has been specifically designed to fit your Vita scooter, so it won’t flap in the wind or get in the way of your handling the scooter.

Because the All Weather Canopy has been designed for your Vita, it’s extremely easy to take on and off. At TGA Mobility, we know that our clients value their independence, so we have ensured that fitting the canopy onto the scooter is as quick and easy as possible. Simply attach the clips to the designated areas of your Vita and you’re ready to go. Once the All Weather Canopy has been fitted, its roll-up side doors mean that you can get on and off your scooter easily without needing to remove the canopy, and on warm but showery days, you could even leave the sides rolled up for some fresh air, secure in the knowledge that if the weather turns, all you need to do is unroll the doors to stay perfectly dry.

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All Weather Canopy - Vita 4

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