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All Weather Canopy - Sonet

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  • £600.00 inc VAT
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When you choose a mobility scooter, we understand  that comfort and safety are at the top of your list. Our Sonet mobility scooter has a wealth of safety features, but even with its full suspension and pneumatic tyres, if you plan to be out and about in all weathers you may need further protection before you achieve complete comfort. The All Weather Canopy for the Sonet is the solution. With its innovative design, the All Weather Canopy for the Sonet keeps you comfortable outside, whether it’s scorchingly hot or torrential downpours.

Attaching the All Weather Canopy to the Sonet really is easy. Simply clip the All Weather Canopy to your Sonet in the designated areas, and you’re immediately ready to go. Once the All Weather Canopy has been fitted, its roll-up side doors allow you to get on and off your scooter easily, and to leave them rolled up for some fresh air on warm days, safe in the knowledge that you can quickly roll them down if the weather closes in.

Safety is paramount when riding a mobility scooter, and our All Weather Canopy does not compromise this. We have designed the All Weather Canopy to perfectly fit the Sonet, so it’s the ideal length to keep you protected without fouling the wheels, and is held well away from the controls. Transparent fabric means that your lights remain visible and your field of vision remains completely clear, while the opaque top of the All Weather Canopy keeps you cool on sunny days. The All Weather Canopy for the Sonet really is an accessory for all seasons, keeping you independent whatever the weather.

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All Weather Canopy - Sonet

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