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All Weather Canopy - Mystere

  • £500.00
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The Mystere has been designed to ensure optimum comfort, but this can’t be completely achieved without protection from the  elements. The All Weather Canopy for our Mystere model meets that challenge, allowing you to brave wet weather conditions while staying completely dry.

The All Weather Canopy is made of durable, waterproof fabric, with no gaps to allow any moisture to seep inside the canopy. Even when the heavens have truly opened, you’ll be kept dry no matter what. Its roll-up sides allow you to get on and off your scooter easily when the canopy is fitted, and can be left rolled up for some fresh air on warm but showery days. The top of the All Weather Canopy is opaque, protecting you from the glare of the sun while the rest of the canopy is transparent, giving you a complete 360° field of vision for safer manoeuvring. The frame holds the All Weather Canopy well away from the controls too, so there’s no compromise on either comfort or safety.

We’ve manufactured our All Weather Canopy to perfectly fit the Mystere, shielding you from harsh weather while not getting in the way of your wheels or controls. Fitting the All Weather Canopy is a simple and easy process; because it’s been designed specifically to fit the Mystere, the All Weather Canopy clips onto the scooter in minutes with no fiddling. If you need to be out and about in all weathers, there’s no better choice than our All Weather Canopy for the Mystere scooter.

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All Weather Canopy - Mystere

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