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All Weather Canopy - Breeze Midi

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When the weather closes in, life still has to carry on; but being outside on a mobility scooter can be a chilly experience on cold, wet days. The All Weather Canopy for the Breeze Midi is the ideal way to protect yourself from even the most treacherous weather. The All Weather Canopy keeps you out of the rain and reduces the effect of the cold wind. With the cold weather setting in, we suggest an All Weather Canopy for your Breeze Midi mobility scooter to keep you warm and dry this autumn and winter. And even in spring and summer the All Weather Canopy remains a useful accessory, with an opaque roof to keep the sun off, and roll up doors that you can leave up for some fresh air but have down in a moment during April showers.

Designed with the user in mind, this All Weather Canopy, suitable for the Breeze Midi, Breeze Midi 3 and Breeze Midi 4 mobility scooters, is made from high-performance, clear vinyl. You will have a full view at all times for optimum safety, while blue piping adds style to your mobility scooter and helps you to be seen clearly by other road users. The All Weather Canopy has been designed specifically to fit the Breeze Midi range of scooters, so it won’t hinder you in controlling the scooter, flap about in the wind or catch in the wheels, and it can be fitted in moments. The British weather is unpredictable, but with the help of our All Weather Canopy for the Breeze Midi scooter, you will always be prepared.

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