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4" D Roll

  • £17.08
  • £20.50 inc VAT
  • ✓ Available VAT exempt

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Our wheelchairs and mobility scooters are designed to provide a comfortable seating position, but sometimes a little extra support can be useful. If you are experiencing backache or similar discomfort, we may be able to offer a solution. Our 4” D Roll is designed to be attached to flat backed seats and provides extra support and comfort for your back.

When sitting for long periods of time, the lower back can be placed under strain, and over time this can lead to lower back pain. The 4” D roll sits comfortably in the curve of your lower back, supporting you to sit up and relieving the tension and strain that causes back pain. You’ll find that pressure is reduced on your discs and spine when the D Roll is positioned correctly at waist level, as it supports you to assume a better sitting position. The rounded shape is perfect for lumbar support and the compact size of the 4” D Roll means that it can be easily attached to most wheelchairs or scooters.

The 4” D Roll has been constructed from durable foam, designed to retain its shape, so the level of support won’t reduce over time. The firm but supportive roll is fixed in place via an elastic strap, which means it can be attached and removed easily as and when you need it. The 4” D Roll is also available at an affordable price and is VAT exempt price for those who qualify. So if you’re feeling the strain in your back, why not get in touch with TGA Mobility to see if the 4” D Roll could help you?

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4" D Roll

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