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3M Stickers - Smiley Faces (Pack of 5)

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On dull days and dark evenings, it’s important that you are fully visible to other road users. Here at TGA Mobility, we stock a full range of high visibility and reflective products to make you stand out from your surroundings. But who said that high visibility had to be boring? With our 3M smiley faces stickers you can add a touch of fun to your mobility scooter and help to make yourself seen at the same time. The high visibility 3M smiley faces stickers are bright yellow to make them stand out in daylight, and are also reflective, making them stand out in the dark too. They’re also easy to use; the 3M smiley faces stickers are self-adhesive and will stick to a wide range of surfaces.

High visibility stickers are a quick, cost-effective and simple way to make you more visible on the roads, and with our 3M smiley face stickers they can personalise your mobility scooter or wheelchair too. Put a smile on someone’s face with our 3M smiley face stickers today!

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3M Stickers - Smiley Faces (Pack of 5)

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