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3M Snap Wrap - Large 40cm x 4.5cm

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We take scooter safety very seriously here at TGA Mobility, which is why we have a range of 3M high-vis Snap Wraps on offer. If you’re worried about your visibility in the dark, our high-vis snap wraps can help you to be seen from far away, keeping you safe on the roads. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money for you to be seen either, as our 3M Snap Wrap collection is available at an affordable price, keeping you safe at all times.

At TGA Mobility, all of our mobility scooters are manufactured with safety features, such as bright LED headlights, rear lights and brake lights, helping you to be seen on the roads at all times. However, going the extra mile to stay visible is always worthwhile. Our 3M Snap Wrap is extremely versatile, springing into shape around your mobility scooter and able to be attached to wherever you feel is safest. We would recommend attaching your 3M Snap Wrap to the front column of your scooter, as it will sit there perfectly and allow oncoming traffic to see you easily.

Our 3M Snap Wrap products are high quality, and able to withstand any weather conditions that your mobility scooter faces, keeping you clearly seen at all times. Their wide surface area really makes them stand out, so you never have to worry about being hidden within the shadows. We sell our 3M Snap Wrap in a bright yellow colour, as at TGA Mobility, we feel that this is the most visible colour for road safety use.

If you have any questions regarding our 3M Snap Wrap, contact a member of our professional team at 01787 882244. Always remember, #BeBrightScootSafe.

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3M Snap Wrap - Large 40cm x 4.5cm

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