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3M Snap Wrap - Large 40cm x 4.5cm

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At TGA Mobility we understand that you want to stay mobile and active all year round, whatever the weather. We also know that for your safety, it’s vital that you are clearly visible to drivers on the roads. That’s why we stock a range of affordably priced 3M high visibility snap wraps which can either be worn by you or be fitted to any scooter in a matter of seconds, keeping you safer on the roads.

At TGA Mobility all of our scooters carry essential safety features such as bright LED headlights, rear lights and brake lights. But the addition of high-vis accessories like the 3M high-vis snap wrap can help drivers and other road users to see you sooner and keep you safer. Our 3M high-vis snap wrap springs into shape around your mobility scooter and is extremely versatile, fitting almost anywhere you choose. For example, why not fit one to the front steering column of your mobility scooter, making you more visible to oncoming traffic?

Alternatively a high-vis snap wrap will wrap itself around your wrist or ankle, or could be attached to a scooter headrest for increased visibility from the rear. Our friendly team will be happy to advise you on the most effective places to fit a 3M snap wrap on your particular model of scooter or wheelchair.

Our 3M high-vis snap wrap is robust and high quality, able to withstand harsh weather conditions without becoming brittle or dull. Its wide surface area means that it really stands out even on dull days or in the shadows. The 3M high-vis snap wrap in bright yellow will assist greatly in improving your road safety both day and night.

If you have any questions regarding our 3M high-vis snap wrap, contact a member of our professional team at 0800 107 5349. Always remember: #BeBrightScootSafe.

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3M Snap Wrap - Large 40cm x 4.5cm

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