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3M Reflective Tape - Roll 1m x 4cm

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On dull, overcast days, early mornings and evenings or at night, it’s crucial for your safety that other road users can see you as you get out and about with your mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair. Our versatile 3M Reflective Tape Roll 1m x 4cm can be used wherever it is needed to give the best visibility for those with limited mobility. In low light or at night, light reflectivity is a must for those with limited mobility, so use our tape on your mobility scooter, powerchair or wheelchair for much needed visibility. Our 3M Reflective Tape Roll 1m x 4cm will adhere to any clean, smooth surface such as metal, glass, smooth painted surfaces or smooth wood, and will stick to most curved or contoured surfaces too, so it can be used with and on any mobility aid to improve your visibility to other vehicles and people around you and make sure you really stand out. For optimum visibility in the dark, we would advise that you put our reflective tape at a height where headlights are likely to shine on it to improve the safety of you, and those around you.

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3M Reflective Tape - Roll 1m x 4cm

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