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3M Mesh Gilet - Large (65cm Wide)

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When the nights start to draw in, being seen on the roads becomes more important than ever. The 3m mesh gilet (large, 65cm) from TGA Mobility can help with this. High-visibility vests make you easy to spot, especially when travelling at night or in low lighting. The 3m mesh gilet makes the wearer more visible to other roads users by ensuring that you stand out from the environment. Its neon yellow colour stands out in daylight, while its reflective tape will shine in car headlights on dull days or after dark.

The 3M mesh gilet is sleeveless, lightweight and water resistant. It will fit over a waterproof or winter coat for your journey, then can be folded neatly away when you arrive, ready for your return trip. Its velcro fastening means that there’s no need to struggle with fiddly fastenings on cold days, and that it won’t flap annoyingly in windy weather. The fabric won’t get waterlogged on rainy days, nor will you be uncomfortably hot in the summer.

Order your 3M mesh gilet today from TGA Mobility, helping you to stay safe on the road.

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3M Mesh Gilet - Large (65cm Wide)

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