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3M Mesh Gilet - Extra Large (70cm wide)

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Making sure you stay safe while you are out and about on your mobility scooter is important. As the nights start to draw in, make sure you can be seen in the dark with our high visibility 3M Mesh Gilet in extra large.

The 3M Mesh Gilet, which is available in an extra-large size of 70 cm (27.5”) wide, is made of high visibility yellow fabric, so pedestrians and drivers alike will able to spot you in low light conditions. The two reflective strips on our 3M Mesh Gilet ensure that you’ll be visible even if you’re travelling on your mobility scooter after dark.
This extra-large gilet is roomy enough to fit over a rain jacket or winter coat, and is waterproof, so

won’t become waterlogged and chilly, and high-visibility. Its velcro closing means that it’s not fiddly to take on and off, and it won’t flap around in the wind. And as the 3M Mesh Gilet is sleeveless, you can simply wear it over your clothing and take it off when you arrive at your destination – it can then be folded neatly away until you need it again. Wear our high visibility 3M Mesh Gilet and travel confidently anywhere, any time.

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3M Mesh Gilet - Extra Large (70cm wide)

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