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68 cm (27 inch) Folding Reacher

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If you have a disability, limited mobility may not be the only problem you need to overcome. At TGA Mobility, we aim to make life as easy as possible for you, which is why we’ve added the 68 cm (27 inch) Folding Reacher to our accessory range. For people with arthritis, back problems or restricted movement, the Folding Reacher is a simple tool that really can improve your day-to-day life.

Most Reachers on the market are inconvenient for use outside of the home due to the extremely long handle – making them tricky to transport and to store away. TGA Mobility’s innovative team of specialists have ensured that our Folding Reacher can simply be folded up and put neatly away until you next need it. We’ve also ensured that the folded Reacher fits perfectly into the basket attached to the front of our mobility scooters. Our Folding Reacher is robustly made from sturdy materials, reducing the risk of snapping if you need to pick up heavier items. So whether you need to pick something up off a supermarket shelf or you drop your bag on the floor, our Folding Reacher is the perfect tool to maintain your independence, at home or out and about.

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27" Folding Reacher

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