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12v 45ah Battery - All Breeze 3 and Breeze 4, Supersport

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Spare or replacement 45ah battery for the Breeze 3, Breeze 4 and Supersport.

At TGA Mobility, we ensure that every one of our mobility scooters has a powerful, reliable battery. However, over time and after repeated recharging, any battery will eventually become less efficient. When this happens, there’s no need to panic or replace your scooter though; we stock a wide range of replacement batteries. If you own a Breeze 3 or 4 model, or a Supersport scooter, our 12v 45ah battery is just what you need to keep you moving.

The 12v 45ah battery for the Breeze 3 and 4 and Supersport scooters has an incredibly long life, so there’s no need to worry about losing power while you’re out and about.  We also understand how much you rely on your mobility scooter in your day-to-day life, so we advise that it’s sensible to keep a spare 12v 45ah battery at home. With a powerful spare 12v 45ah battery stored safely away, you can relax and get on with life, without needing to worry that you might be left waiting for a new battery to be delivered when you need one.

The 12v 45ah battery can be easily fitted onto your mobility scooter to get you moving again as soon as possible. Whether you need a replacement battery to revamp an older mobility scooter’s performance, or a spare battery to keep at home in case you need it, the 12v 45ah is a high quality, reliable battery that will keep you going for miles.

If you have any questions about battery compatibility please call a member of our helpful customer service team on 0800 107 5349. They will be happy to clarify this matter with you.

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12v 45ah Battery - All Breeze 3 and Breeze 4, Supersport

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