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Breeze S4 and rescue dog help Poppy 'find her way'

Poppy Duncombe on her TGA Breeze S4

29th March, 2021

Ex-professional dog walker, Poppy Duncombe, is able to walk her dog again thanks to her TGA Breeze S4. Before having to stop work due to health issues, Poppy ran a professional...

Mark's blog: New car, new TGA

Mark Boss on his TGA Vita Lite

17th March, 2021

Following the delivery of a new wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) in December, I’ve had to add another TGA machine to my fleet of mobility chariots. Unfortunately, my Vita X –...

Feel-good February

Lisa Vesty on her TGA Vita S

15th March, 2021

After January feeling like it was about 90 days long and experiencing a bad flare for most of the month, I thought in February I would challenge myself to do...

A whole new (accessible) world

A whole new (accessible) world listing thumbnail

8th March, 2021

I know I say it every year, but Rare Disease Day falls on 28th February, then International Wheelchair Day on 1st March - I don’t think that, as a wheelchair...

Disabled Ramblers announce 2021 schedule

Disabled Rambers on TGA Supersports

23rd February, 2021

The Disabled Ramblers, the charity which organises accessible rambles for mobility scooter users, has published its schedule of events for 2021. TGA has been a long-standing supporter of the Disabled Ramblers...

"It has opened up the countryside for me" - blogger 'one with nature again' thanks to Vita X

"It has opened up the countryside for me" - blogger 'one with nature again' thanks to Vita X listing thumbnail

15th February, 2021

Blogger Emily Bonner is once again enjoying the Cotswold countryside thanks to her new Vita X. Emily lives independently and works for the National Trust at Chastleton House, where she has...

Moving in the right direction: February's blog

Moving in the right direction: February's blog  listing thumbnail

12th February, 2021

It seems strange to think I’m writing the February blog already. Did we blink and miss January? It felt like it flew by and now here we are, February. We...

Snowstorms, snowbells and the vaccine: February's blog

Snowstorms, snowbells and the vaccine: February's blog listing thumbnail

11th February, 2021

I’m not built for snow days. This is unfortunate, as living in rural Yorkshire they’re pretty common at this time of year and if I try to brave them using...

Happy Belated New Year!

Happy Belated New Year! listing thumbnail

21st January, 2021

So, we start of 2021 how we spent most of the previous year – in another lockdown. But even though we may all be in a precarious position, there was...

New year, new normal?

Hannah Barham-Brown exercising in her WHILL Model C

4th January, 2021

Continuing the tone of 2020, Christmas and New Year felt distinctly odd. Many of us will have spent them both alone, or at least in a much quieter way than...

My lockdown Christmas

My lockdown Christmas  listing thumbnail

23rd December, 2020

Christmas 2020 will certainly be very different, much like the rest of the year, but nevertheless we will make the most of the situation. We were already planning a quiet...

"Life will be so much more rewarding with my mobility scooter and assistance dog Nova" says Mychaela

Mychaela Green with her TGA Vita X and dog, Nova

10th December, 2020

Mychaela Green is enjoying outdoor experiences she never thought possible thanks to the support of Dog AID UK and a Vita X. Mychaela is a medically retired carer who used to...

International Day of People with Disabilities 2020: AKA - Hannah Buys Cake Day

Hannah Barham-Brown on her TGA WHILL Model C

3rd December, 2020

Every year on 3rd December, we celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities, or as some of us with less time on our hands prefer to call it – ‘International...

Wizards, wands and the WHILL Model C: The Making of Harry Potter experience

Georgina Wasdall at Harry Potter studios on her TGA WHILL Model C

2nd December, 2020

Back before lockdown number two, my family and I were lucky enough to have one of our first proper family days out since the beginning of the year. We had...

Lisa's guide to dog walking with a mobility scooter

Lisa's guide to dog walking with a mobility scooter listing thumbnail

30th November, 2020

Lisa Vesty believes walking her two cocker spaniels on her Vita S has improved her mental health and wellbeing. Reflecting on her own experience, here she shares her tips for...

It's the second lockdown (doodle ooo doo...)

Hannah Barham-Brown on her WHILL Model C

10th November, 2020

That’s it. I’m calling it. Lockdown sucks. Pre-lockdown wasn’t great; trying to find photos for this month’s blog, I realised that everything I have done in the last month has...

TGA supports charity PhysioNet with equipment donation to Fiji

TGA supports charity PhysioNet with equipment donation to Fiji listing thumbnail

30th October, 2020

A TGA donation of mobility scooters and wheelchairs to PhysioNet has helped the charity ship its 100th container of life-changing assistive equipment overseas, with this latest donation heading 9,831 miles...

TGA champions disabled golf with free Disabled Golf Association membership

TGA Breeze S4 GT on golf course

26th October, 2020

To help more people enjoy golf, TGA is supporting the Disabled Golf Association (DGA) with free membership offered to new owners of the fairway-friendly TGA Breeze S4 GT and Breeze...

TGA to be showcased at largest virtual international disability event

Disability Awareness Day virtual marquee

23rd October, 2020

Disability Awareness Day (DAD), the largest annual single-day event of its kind, will be taking place virtually on Sunday 25th October 2020 with hundreds of exhibitors including TGA. DAD is a...

"People see me as not just being in a wheelchair now, there is more to me" - model can 'pursue dreams with belief' with WHILL

Georgina Wasdall with her TGA WHILL Model C

21st October, 2020

Since having to leave theatre school early due to chronic fatigue syndrome, 21-year-old Georgina Wasdall has pursued her professional career in modelling and acting with passion. She was signed up...