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Young Disabled Ex-Royal Navy Sailor Discovers Mobility Scooters Can Be Cool With TGA And SSAFA

10th July, 2017

Scott Stafford, 27 from Suffolk and disabled Royal Navy veteran, has rediscovered his zest for life thanks to SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity and a new off-road Vita X mobility scooter from TGA.

Scott served in the Royal Navy for five years until he unfortunately experienced a severe back injury during a training exercise. This accident led to Scott being unable to walk long distances and the need for continual pain relief – hence he was medically discharged.

Now retired from the armed services, Scott continues to wait for medical clearance so he can work again and has to cope with limited mobility. Without the ability to venture outside independently Scott was getting frustrated at home and needed a solution to get outdoors. Owning a mobility scooter was never a consideration for him as Scott felt they were old fashioned and would not be suitable for a younger man. This all changed when his health visitor applied to SSAFA for funding and introduced Scott to the trendy TGA Vita range.

The Vita X from TGA is unlike any other 8mph mobility scooter – it is a large, striking black model with streamlined styling, LED lights, racing bucket seat, advanced off-road suspension and high grip tyres. With many components taken from the motorcycle industry the Vita X resembles more of a quad bike than a traditional mobility vehicle. These cutting edge, rugged looks immediately appealed to Scott as he explains: “Not been able to walk is a pain, especially when you have been an active guy like me. When I saw the Vita X for the first time I was blown away, it looked nothing like a mobility scooter. I always imagined scooters to be slow and boring and really embarrassing to drive. I am so pleased my health visitor introduced me to the idea and I cannot thank SSAFA enough for finding the funding.”

Scott has to have pain management injections in his spine on a regular basis and will be operated on soon. This means his TGA scooter will become even more essential for uncompromised independence.

Scott continues: “Having continual back pain is tough but going out and exploring the countryside takes your mind off it. I can now continue fishing and walking my Cocker Spaniel Bella, we enjoy so many walks together by the river or in the local country park. I can do 20 miles on a single charge and despite still feeling some bumps in my back, the Vita X is extremely comfortable. It is invaluable to me, you just don’t realise how essential a machine like this is until you are in the same situation. A great piece of kit and TGA have been incredible, I sent them a thank you card. I now feel more positive about the future and I thought I’d never say it, I feel cool driving a mobility scooter.”  

A SSAFA spokesperson said: “We are delighted to be able to find the funding for Scott and help transform his life.  SSAFA provides vital support to serving personnel, veterans and their families.  From helping veterans who are coming to terms with life changing injuries or supporting families who have lost a loved one in battle, our network of volunteers work tirelessly to provide help and support for all members of the military family.”

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Scott Stafford and his dog Bella proudly riding their new TGA Vita X mobility scooter with off-road capabilities.