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WHILL Model C features in TIME's top 50 inventions of 2018

19th November, 2018

The WHILL Model C has been featured as one of the world’s top 50 inventions by TIME magazine.

Noting the Model C ‘empowers its users’, while evaluating key factors such as originality, creativity, influence, ambition and effectiveness, TIME selected the electric vehicle from hundreds of submissions.

What were the winning features that met these criteria? Omni-wheels, 10-mile range, easy navigation and the disassembly of the chair into three easy-to-manage parts were just some of the reasons for the publication’s choice.

But to compile the annual list, TIME also sought ground-breaking inventions that are changing the way we live, work, play and think. And Model C certainly does that, with exceptionally easy-to-use and responsive controls, Bluetooth technology for remote operation and perhaps the sleekest wheelchair design to date with six panel colour choices.

“This is an American award, but we are delighted to see further recognition for the WHILL Model C,” Daniel Stone, MD of TGA said. “Its great design and innovative features empower its users – which is what it’s all about.”

This isn’t the first time the Model C has received such high praise on the international stage, though. The powerchair won the Red Dot Best of the Best Award in 2018, an international design competition for product design – in addition to the IF Design, CES 2018 Innovation, International Design Excellence and Good Design awards.  

Which features helped the Model C’s inclusion?

Omni-wheels – The 24 castors that make up one of the omni-wheel make the WHILL capable of a very tight tun radius.

Bluetooth technology – Connectivity via WHILL’s iPhone app allows remote commanding of the chair, so it can come to you when you most need it – not the other way around.

Disassembly – Dismantling into three small compartments, the WHILL can be placed easily into nearly any car boot.

Design – A lightweight and minimalist frame, a choice of six coloured panels and ergonomically friendly.

The 50 top inventions issue of TIME hit newsstands Friday 16 November.

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