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Welsh Disabled Ex-Chauffeur And Sports Car Fan Regains Driving Freedom With TGA Mobility Scooter

10th December, 2015

Despite being unable to drive a car or walk without difficulties anymore due to Peripheral Neuropathy, Andy Bennett, 48 from Troedyrhiw in Wales, is enjoying the freedom to drive once more thanks to a life-changing 'Breeze Midi 3' mobility scooter from TGA.

Originally from Port Talbot, Andy has always led an active life through weight lifting, martial arts and outdoor pursuits. He was a single parent for 12 years however this did not stop him from enjoying many physical activities and being a busy wedding chauffer and delivery driver. During his career he was able to drive many top car brands include Daimler, Ferrari and Porsche and also owned a top specification Toyota Celica along with a Suzuki GSXR-750 motorbike.

However over a period of several years Andy began to experience growing pain in his hands and feet, especially when lifting weights in the gym. He was finally diagnosed with Diabetes that resulted in walking difficulties and Peripheral Neuropathy - a condition caused by nerve damage. Andy's limited mobility was compounded by a knee injury that left him restricted at home without the ability to drive independently. This loss of his job and access to the wider outdoors was sending him 'stir crazy' until he discovered an easy-drive three-wheeler TGA mobility scooter.

Andy explains: "I've always been an active man that was never at home. So you can imagine losing much of your independence is really tough to take. I have had to give up my Kung Fu and other sporting disciplines as my Neuropathy really restricts my movement. Plus to relax, my girlfriend and I loved nothing more than strolling together along the many scenic paths around here such as the Taff Trail. However without the ability to drive or walk far, these times were becoming few and far between until my scooter arrived. I absolutely love my TGA Breeze Midi 3 - it is a lifeline to me, enabling me to get out, visit my daughter and grandsons, plus be able to have a more independent lifestyle."

Andy continues: "My scooter looks great so there wasn't ever a question of swallowing my pride or being embarrassed when deciding to ride it. As a younger man, I really do not feel self-conscious on it. I know if I didn't have a Breeze Midi I would not be able to go anywhere. Now I regularly 'trundle' alongside my girlfriend when we walk along the banks of the beautiful river Taff or whilst visiting the local shops. I may not be driving prestigious or sporty cars anymore, however my Breeze wheels are now the only ones I need."

Welsh Disabled Ex-Chauffeur And Sports Car Fan Regains 
Driving Freedom With TGA Mobility Scooter
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Andy Bennett onboard his new TGA Breeze Midi 3 travelling along the Taff Trail near Troedyrhiw, Wales.