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TV's Dr Hilary Jones Impressed By New TGA Maximo Scooter At Mobility Roadshow

30th June, 2015

TGA has successfully showcased its leading range of mobility scooters, hosted a safe driving awareness programme and welcomed TV's Dr Hilary Jones onto its exhibition stand at The Mobility Roadshow (25-27th June 2015, Donington Park, Derby).

As a leading UK specialist in mobility scooters since 1985, TGA has been a long-standing supporter of The Mobility Roadshow. This consumer event provides the unique opportunity to compare a wide range of mobility products and accessible cars all in one location. TGA presented its award-winning products to a strong number of visitors that included popular TV celebrity Dr Hilary Jones on day one. Dr Hilary is currently Good Morning Britain's Health Editor and is a respected medical broadcaster, writer and GP. He was given the honour of opening the 2015 Mobility Roadshow and a guided tour around the show focusing on new and innovative products. The new folding Maximo mobility scooter, making its debut at this year's Mobility Roadshow, was demonstrated to Dr Hilary by Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager.

Tim Ross commented: "It was enjoyable to meet and discuss our product range with Dr Hilary, he listened very intently. I demonstrated how effectively both our latest Minimo and Maximo scooters could be folded for enhanced transportability. These models produced significant interest from visitors on day one as they open up greater independence when travelling by car, public transport or on a plane. The Maximo is a new larger version of the highly popular Minimo, which provides an enhanced driving experience through its spacious chassis, ultra-lightweight battery and pneumatic tyres. Before leaving the stand, Dr Hilary also highlighted his interest in our 'striking' Supersport model which is referred to as a 'Harley Davidson styled' scooter. This robust black and chrome model is ideal for owners who live in a rural environment and hence is a popular choice for members of the Disabled Ramblers association."

In addition to presenting its complete range of scooters and wheelchair powerpacks at the show, TGA also provided access to a practical safe driving course so that the latest tips on road safety could be gained. This scooter track included several potential obstacles and hazards so that drivers could learn more about their own capabilities and how to protect the safety of pedestrians. This feature was well attended throughout the event as onsite TGA representatives were also able to explain the importance of their personalised assessments - ensuring the right product is recommended for individual needs.

Tim Ross added: "The TGA safe driving awareness scheme we provided at The Mobility Roadshow highlighted TGA's continual focus on safety. Combined with TGA's structured recommendation process, our support services allow TGA customers to enjoy confidence and peace of mind when out and about. Education and understanding we believe is key to road safety, thanks to The Mobility Roadshow we have been able once again to communicate our knowledge to even more scooter users."

TV's Dr Hilary Jones Impressed By New TGA Maximo Scooter 
At Mobility Roadshow thumbnail 1
TV's Dr Hilary Jones talks to Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager, about the new TGA Maximo and Minimo folding scooters.
TV's Dr Hilary Jones Impressed By New TGA Maximo Scooter 
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TV's Dr Hilary Jones Impressed By New TGA Maximo Scooter 
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The TGA team at the 2015 Mobility Roadshow, Donington Park, Derby.