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Triumphant Disabled Racing Driver Enjoys 4mph Freedom Thanks To New Folding Minimo Scooter

13th June, 2016

Maxine Nicholls, 34 from Buntingford, Hertfordshire, is a successful racing driver with a disability who can continue independently entering motorsport events thanks to a new TGA Minimo mobility scooter

4mph maybe a lot slower than she is used to, however without her new folding TGA scooter Maxine would be dependent on others to attend race meets. Maxine lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT), which is a genetic condition that damages peripheral nerves. This results in difficulties with walking and other co-ordination issues however Maxine continues to be focused and determined and has recently qualified to be a driver instructor. Outside of work she is the only woman to race in the Toyota MR2 championship and regularly competes against her brother and father. New to racing in 2014, Maxine proudly won the BWRDC (British Women Racing Drivers Club) Newcomer of the Year Award in 2015 and now continues to build up her racing reputation. She recently volunteered at The Silverstone Mobility Roadshow as an official event Ambassador and was able to demonstrate to visitors why her white car-boot Minimo scooter is so important.

Maxine says: CMT affects me on a daily basis with even the most basic tasks. Nerve damage and weakened muscles have meant multiple surgeries and five hip replacements in a two-year period. However, I have not let this hold me back and I am keen that other people with similar conditions realise that with the correct vehicle adaptations and the right scooter anything is possible! My TGA Minimo is essential for me as without it I would not be able to cover the vast car park to pit lane distances at motorsport circuits. It folds up quickly in the boot of my road car which means I dont have to use a wheelchair or rely on my brother or father as much.

Maxine adds: Racing has enabled me to accept my condition and for the first time in my life - I own it! Racing is against the odds for me because I suffer greatly with weak leg and ankles and also some weakness in my hands. Yet this year I am joining my father and brother, who have both raced for six years, in our new team Emagine Motorsport. My MR2 racecar has been adapted to comply with MSA safety rules and which means I can compete equally against able-bodied drivers. I really enjoyed recently showcasing my car in the pit lane garages at Silverstone during the Mobility Roadshow and boy did I need my TGA Minimo to get from one end of the quarter-of-a-mile-long exhibition Wing to the other! Im hoping this exposure will help me raise more donations to help fund my race team and it was a joy to let so many disabled kids sit in my car.

Triumphant Disabled Racing Driver Enjoys 4mph Freedom Thanks To New Folding Minimo Scooter  thumbnail 1
Maxine Nicholls proudly demonstrates her MRS racing car and TGA Minimo mobility scooter at The 2016 Silverstone Mobility Roadshow.