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Time to #FundMyFreedom!

8th April, 2019

Everyone has the right to independence. Award-winning products such as the WHILL Model C has changed lives by delivering users just that.

However, purchasing a quality product may not be in reach due to limited funds or higher living costs (according to charity, Scope).

This is where our latest campaign, #FundMyFreedom, can help.

You may not know it, but there are lots of different charities and schemes providing donations towards buying a scooter, powerchair or wheelchair – particularly for recipients aged under 18 or have not received equipment through statutory services. #FundMyFreedom sheds light on these possibilities which can offer partial funding, discounts or even cover the whole cost. The campaign provides a brief summary of which charities can help, how much they may donate towards a product as well as their contact details.

By using this information, you have a big advantage. TGA already works with several charities to ensure people are signposted in the right direction with the best chance of qualifying for funding.

Parkinson’s UK is one such charity whereby you qualify for a 7.5% discount on all our products if you have Parkinson's, with 5% off approved used scooters. #FundMyFreedom also provides simple summaries regarding schemes such as the government's Access to Work, which will help you purchase mobility products so you can continue in a job.

Just as importantly, we are also encouraging anyone with mobility difficulties to share their funding experiences on social media. By giving advice to others, more people can benefit from greater accessibility and inclusion in their daily lives. If we work together, we can fill that gap when it comes to credible information online – simply include ‘#FundMyFreedom’ in your social post.

“At TGA we are totally focused on delivering independence for all,” TGA Managing Director, Daniel Stone, says. “This is why we are rolling out our new #FundMyFreedom campaign so that irrespective of age or ability, everyone can access the wheels they need to live on their own terms.

“Take our new WHILL Model C powerchair for example – it represents a life-changing solution for a wide demographic of people through remarkable styling, manoeuvrability and performance. As the challenges of loneliness and mental health continue to grow, the ability to move freely indoors and out, becomes even more essential.

“Through the support of funding, this pioneering powerchair could help so many more disabled people fulfil their true potential.”

To find possible sources of mobility product funding all you need to do is visit our helpful guide to funding sources, our Facebook page or call our friendly team on 01787 882244.

Find out today what you are entitled to and join our campaign – you'll be surprised how much financial help is out there!