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TGA Wheelchair Powerpacks Help Glasgow Prestwick Airport Deliver Accessibility Commitment To Disabled Passengers

7th November, 2017

TGA Mobility, an established supplier of quality mobility products, has supplied its trusted wheelchair powerpacks to Glasgow Prestwick Airport for the benefit of disabled passengers and ground crew.  

Quality TGA Powerpacks comprise of motorised units with wheel(s) that attach to the underside of a wheelchair and provide powered propulsion for attendants and carers. Refined over 20 years these powerpacks are proven to perform and reduce the stresses and strain of pushing a wheelchair and occupant. They reduce the risk of back and muscle injury for attendants especially when negotiating slopes, kerbs and uneven surfaces. Through high levels of durability and performance they are the ideal solution for tackling the large distances associated with transferring disabled passengers around airports. Hence Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland has invested in heavy duty TGA Powerpacks so wheelchair passengers experience a more pleasant transfer experience and airport staff can operate safely and efficiently.   

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is committed to accessibility and takes pride in being one of the easiest airports in the UK to navigate when travelling with a disability. The airport continues to invest in solutions for accessibility so the best service is provided for all passengers – the TGA Powerpacks are an important factor within this initiative. These powered wheelchair units have helped Glasgow Prestwick airport meet the latest CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) framework which aims to ensure there is a consistent and high quality service for disabled passengers across UK airports.

Jane Thomson, Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s Landside Operations Manager, explains: “Glasgow Prestwick Airport endeavours to make all operations as safe as possible. Previously, staff assisted passengers with reduced mobility by pushing wheelchairs unaided through the airport. As this was a common need it was imperative that we found a solution to assist with the passenger’s journey.”

Jane continues: “After some thorough research, we decided upon Wheelchair Powerpacks from TGA and opted for the heavy-duty model with twin wheels. These now attach to any wheelchair stopping the need to push the chair but instead to merely assist. With the purchase of the TGA Wheelchair Powerpacks, we believe that we have made a long-term investment for both our passengers and our staff.”

The four powerpack models in the TGA range provide powered propulsion so pushing a wheelchair is strain-free across airports and similar large scale buildings. With a vast range of fittings available each powerpack is compatible with the majority of wheelchair designs including specialist tilt-in-space models. The Solo, Duo, Heavy-duty and PLUS models provide a choice in terms of power and traction – all with utmost performance and reliability. The PLUS version provides a solution that propels larger passengers weighing up to 32 stone. TGA Powerpacks are renowned for fitting further under a wheelchair so unhindered walking is possible for the attendant and the controls are simple and responsive. They are all ideal for the airport environment with a battery range of up to 10 miles.

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One of the TGA Wheelchair Powerpacks aiding a disabled passenger and ground crew member at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.