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TGA Supersport takes canine agility course in its stride

29th August, 2008

Janet Weller is a shining example of how owning a TGA scooter can quite literally transform your life.

Janet has rheumatoid arthritis which has resulted in severe joint damage and greatly reduced mobility. A keen dog lover, Janet has always enjoyed taking her dogs to and competing in agility competitions as well as long daily walks, but this has become more difficult as time has gone by.

A scooter user for over 5 years, Janet realized that as she became more reliant on her scooter she would need a new model which could offer increased levels of power, performance and stability over rough terrain.

"I was determined not to give up competing and needed to keep up with my four Belgian Shepherds (Groenendaels) so I started looking for a new set of wheels," commented Janet.

After much searching Janet came across the TGA Supersport and could not buy it quick enough. With a ground clearance of 5" (13cm), impressive turning circle and a range of up to 30 miles the Supersport met all Janet's (and her dog's) requirements. Janet also needed as much stability as possible and the Supersport's wide wheelbase provides this.

The Supersport has been thoughtfully designed and of course any maintenance is backed up by a 12 month guarantee. As with every product available from TGA, the Supersport is supported by TGA's extensive after sales programme.

With telephone support available, many minor problems can be solved through a single telephone call, and on the rare occasion that a scooter needs to be taken away for repair, TGA can loan a scooter to ensure the user does not lose his or her independence.

"Here at TGA we believe there is no other mobility scooter available which offers the same level of durability, style and performance and how many scooters can claim to have recently celebrated their 30th anniversary?" commented TGA's National Sales Manager, Tim Ross.

"The Supersport is the answer to my prayers!" enthused Janet. "Its rugged design means it can more than cope with the often rough terrain I encounter when walking the dogs and taking part in competitions, in fact I have lost count of the number of times people have asked if they can borrow my mean machine."

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