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TGA Products feature well on BBC article on Scooter Safety

1st September, 2008

To read the article from the BBC click here

Beware the journalistic license and the sensational headlines! As far as we can ascertain the attention grabbing figures relate to all disability equipment and associated accidents. This might be a tragic incident involving a hoist or loading someone into a specially adapted minibus. We are all striving to minimise the risks and one tragic accident is one too many but this figure cannot be attributed to scooter users alone and this figure has been quoted incorrectly everywhere from the Daily Mail to the BBC to grab headlines and make a story.

All moving vehicles clearly pose a risk but we believe such issues need to be put into perspective. When scooter users are compared to cyclists riding around towns irresponsibly at far greater speeds, in far greater numbers with no licensing or restrictions placed upon them, then scooter users pose a far smaller risk. In our experience, scooter users are very responsible and careful, proud of the vehicles they drive and their new found freedom plus they are far fewer in number and travel at far lower speeds than cyclists. Scooters are also far more visible, have automatic braking, reversing warnings, horns and our larger vehicles even have soft bumpers and crumple zones!

Having said all of this, it is interesting and pleasing to note that all of the contented scooter users quoted and pictured in this article are on TGA products. Our customers and products are being used in defence of scooter users - happy and safe!

We provide our customers with all of the information they need to make the correct decisions, to make safe decisions and get the product that suits their needs. We have a range of products to suit all needs and getting the right vehicle to the right person is the first and best way to reduce any danger to themselves and others. We offer insurance as one person comments in the article, we also offer extended warranties and servicing to keep vehicles as roadworthy as possible.

To read the article from the BBC click here

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