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26th July, 2011

Following her fire-walking fundraiser earlier this year, Arwen Wilson (26), TGA Mobility's Telesales Supervisor from Sudbury Suffolk braved the odds by skydiving from 12,000ft to help raise over 4,000 for The Stroke Association on 23rd July in Northamptonshire.

Back in February, Arwen joined around 60 locals at the Valentine's Fire-walk at Bury St. Edmunds Rugby Club and helped raise over 17,000 for the local Stroke Association. She is very passionate about this charity and has continued the support TGA Mobility as a whole have shown over the last year on a local level. Meeting the fire-walking Guinness World Record Holder Scott Bell at this previous event along with many fantastic Suffolk residents, immediately inspired Arwen to plan her next charity stunt. The group skydive took place on Hinton Airfield near Brackley, Northamptonshire and was attended by an impressive number of families, supporters and well wishers.

Arwen comments: 'The local branch of The Stroke Association, 'Success After Stroke' are a fantastic group of volunteers who make a real pro-active difference to so many less able individuals. I felt compelled to continue the fundraising and hence joined around 40 other tandem skydivers who were all jumping for the same charity. I personally raised over 300 that has contributed to the overall 4,000 raised, which could be nearer 5,000 when all online collections are in according to The Stroke Association. The weird thing is, is that I didn't feel nervous all the way through the jump, even sat on the edge of the plane. It was only after the actual event in the afternoon when it hit me what I had just done. When I began my free-fall I screamed a little bit but managed to take in the awesome view, as the weather was so clear and sunny. What a rush! As you dive it seems such a long time before the parachute opens however it probably is only a matter of seconds and feels like sprinting on a windy day. From take off to landing back on terra-firma only took 20 minutes so this amazing time was over in a flash and I will definitely do it again."

As a leading local employer, TGA takes its Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously and regularly supports charity events that assist people living with restricted mobility. Tim Ross, TGA National Sales Manager concludes: "I congratulate Arwen on yet another fantastic achievement and her positive attitude to fundraising for The Stroke Association. As a business we help many individual's regain independence after a stroke however when mobility is severely restricted, The Stroke Association deliver superb levels of support so people can enjoy the best lifestyle possible. Following our recent support of the Peterborough Royal British Legion at The Mobility Roadshow, this charity skydive by Arwen is a prime example of what can be achieved through single-minded determination and an unselfish approach to life - well done Miss Wilson!"

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