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TGA Mobility supports the BHTA and TSI Consumer Codes Approval Scheme

4th November, 2013

A mobility scooter can improve many peoples lifestyle, but making the right decision when buying one is crucial.

When making a purchase, you need to know that the product is suitable for all your needs, and that the company is a quali?ed and experienced supplier. You need to know that they will look after you and your scooter, now and in the future. Buying a second hand scooter or wheelchair can be as difficult as buying a second hand car. But you can reduce the risks by buying from a British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) specialist. As a member of the BHTA, TGA Mobility is signed up to standards that go beyond our legal obligations in terms of the service we offer.

BHTA represents companies who make or sell products that help people live more independently and, as an inaugural member of Trading Standards Institutes (TSI) new Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, was one of the first associations supporting a new UK-wide scheme to strengthen industry self-regulation.

If you buy from TGA Mobility as a BHTA mobility specialist, we will:

  • Check that your second hand scooter is safe and road worthy, and offer a proper guarantee.
  • Help you to assess its suitability for your needs.
  • Offer all the services of training and backup that you would receive if you had bought new.
  • Charge a fair price

The BHTA has produced a simple guide, Get wise to buying a mobility vehicle, which is available free to download or by contacting BHTA on 020 7702 2141.

Points to consider include:

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Can I get on and off easily?.
  • Will it be suitable for all types of ground I anticipate using it over?
  • Do I need it to be able to climb kerbs?
  • Does it give me the mileage range I need, not just at home, but when I want to visit friends or make a trip?

Consumers can look for the TSI Approved Code logo, or find a member of an approved code in their area by searching a dedicated database on the trading standards website.

Under the scheme, which replaces the Office of Fair Trading scheme, businesses are required to offer enhanced consumer protection, including offering ombudsman or arbitration to resolve disputes, protecting customer deposits and respecting consumers in their own home.

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TGA Mobility supports the BHTA and TSI Consumer Codes Approval Scheme