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TGA turns purple for Purple Tuesday

16th November, 2018

TGA turned purple this week for Purple Tuesday – the UK's Accessible Shopping Day which aims to better the shopping experience for less mobile customers. 

In what is the UK’s first accessible shopping day, Purple Tuesday has been established to recognise the importance and needs of disabled customers and promote inclusive shopping. The aim of Purple Tuesday is to inspire customer-facing businesses to make changes to improve the disabled customer experience over the long term.

TGA is committed to providing the best possible service for people with disabilities through the implementation of staff training, inclusive communication and customer-centric strategies. This ethos perfectly resonates with the aims of Purple Tuesday – an initiative being coordinated by disability organisation Purple, with the endorsement of the Department for Work and Pensions.

TGA continually enhances all aspects of its service so that end user interaction is as simple and easy as possible. Disabled end user needs are always evolving so its national customer services team and product servicing department are all versed in the latest techniques that support disabled people.

On a regional level, the TGA retail showrooms are designed to be inclusive and welcoming environments with specific initiatives such as the ongoing Alzheimer's Dementia Friends programme. TGA also encourages its extensive network of mobility dealerships to adopt the same approach and uphold its respected brand values. Online communication, including TGA social media, focuses on accessibility, equality and sharing of impartial content to improve independent mobility.

"Here at TGA we have an unwavering commitment to helping people with disability," TGA Managing Director Daniel Stone said of the day. "Through the provision of appropriate quality products, combined with caring service, our customers benefit from improved well-being and quality of life. This promise can only be delivered by actively listening and engaging with customers – always focusing on their individual needs throughout the whole ownership journey.

"We support several disability-related charities and organisations which helps us further our understanding of the challenges people face. Purple Tuesday gives us the opportunity to highlight this approach and underline the ethical attitude of our staff. Genuine empathy and condition-related knowledge combine to deliver more value and independence to everyone who chooses TGA."