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TGA mobility helps 90-year-old Alice from Kent see the Olympic games thanks to "Gold Medal" service

12th September, 2012

We have been delighted to help a 90-year-old wheelchair user Alice Hall from Kent attend the Olympics, thanks to a last minute delivery of our TGA Wheelchair Powerpack.

Alice Hall from Hayes won a competition with her son, David Hall, 56, also from Kent, to enjoy an all expenses paid trip, with accessible accommodation and transport for four people to the Olympic Games. David has cared for his mother for over 27 years in the same house as Alice lives with numerous medical conditions that include Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Stroke. His sister also lives with them and even though a double transplant patient herself, she too was incredibly excited about the prospect of witnessing live Olympic sport alongside her husband. These four members of the same family could not believe their luck in winning this competition. However as Alice needed to be pushed in a wheelchair, David was concerned about the vast size of the Park and that they would not be able to keep up with the other 100 able-bodied winners. As his sister would also be attending, they needed a hassle-free experience with Alice's wheelchair to truly make the day possible. If they had a TGA Powerpack attached, this powered solution would help drive Alice's wheelchair and greatly reduce the strain of propulsion across the Park resulting in a far more positive Olympic experience. Without a Powerpack, their dream day would not be a reality.

David explains: "As our previous Powerpack was out of action, the whole family feared that we would have to cancel our day at the Athletics and Handball. Mother had been looking forward to this once in a lifetime event for months, and extensive arrangements had been made for her special needs. The Olympic Park looked huge.we really needed a TGA powerpack.none of us wanted to break the bad news to Mum. With little hope in our hearts, we telephoned TGA with only two days to go before our planned trip and after explaining our situation, unbelievably Mandy in the service department managed to arrange for a Powerpack to be delivered the next day. We awoke the following morning to find before 8:00am a TGA van outside - Shaun had travelled all the way from Suffolk. Shaun installed the Powerpack and spent some considerable time double checking that we had everything to make our adventure the next day a success."

David continues: "My Mother's day at the Olympics will be treasured for many years, and we all saw Mo qualify for the 5,000m final. The TGA Powerpack on the day was absolutely essential and only made possible through the gold medal service provided by TGA. Mandy and Shaun were fantastic, well done TGA, a company to trust and return to."

The latest Duo TGA Powerpack is a simple yet very effective product for reducing the strain experienced by carers when pushing a wheelchair. With a top speed of 6.4km/h (4mph) and a maximum range of up to 10 miles (16km), the Powerpack will drive almost any model of wheelchair across uneven ground or up hills and ramps. The Powerpack is easy to fit or remove and is proudly designed and built in the UK.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director concludes: We are delighted to have made Alice and her family's dream come true with the rapid delivery of a TGA Wheelchair Powerpack. This truly special event for the Halls at the Olympics is a shining example of why we as a business, are continually committing to making a positive difference to the lives of individuals with restricted mobility - it always fills us with great pride. As for the product itself, the Powerpack from TGA has been copied but never equaled for over 15 years now and continues to be the leading choice for carers looking for assisted wheelchair propulsion."

TGA mobility helps 90-year-old Alice from Kent see the Olympic games thanks to "Gold Medal" service thumbnail 1
Alice Hall, 90 from Kent, enjoying the London 2012 Olympic athletics with Games Maker, John Haydn-Jones, thanks to the rapid installation of a Powerpack to her wheelchair by TGA