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TGA Mobility Ensures ARC Informatics Wheelchair Training Day Is A Success

23rd January, 2018

Suffolk’s TGA Mobility, a national specialist in mobility scooters, wheelchairs and wheelchair powerpacks, has ensured ARC Informatics’ wheelchair handling training day in Chelmsford was a success.

ARC Informatics is an Essex-based business manufacturing ‘TEC-Angel’ a monitoring and alert system for vulnerable people who live alone. The TEC-Angel staff organised this event during January so employees could better understand the challenges faced by wheelchair users, with a view to providing possible solutions. This educational experience was supported by Eric Cooper, TGA Mobility Wheelchair Specialist, and Stuart Wheeler of Freedom Wheelchair Skills. Eric provided self-propel and attendant controlled StrongBacks which are the latest award-winning TGA wheelchairs for advanced lumbar support. Eric assisted with the initial training at the Essex Cricket’s Cloudfm County Ground and during an accessibility experience around Chelmsford city centre.

The event was covered by the local press and has resulted in an informative video demonstrating the challenges wheelchair users face and ways to improve accessibility. This video is now available online and also highlights how TGA StrongBack wheelchairs improve mobility through a lightweight and ergonomic design. Karen Cole, Business Development Manager at ARC Informatics, said: “We would like to thank Eric Cooper from TGA for attending and supporting our event. With the loan of StrongBack wheelchairs from TGA and his expertise being on-hand throughout the day, it was an incredible experience and we learned so much.” 

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director comments: “Congratulations to ARC Informatics for focusing on the needs of wheelchair users through their employee training day. The press coverage of the event highlights how we all have a duty of care in the mobility sector to ensure independence is maximised for people living with disability. We take our responsibilities seriously and that is why Eric Cooper took time out of his busy schedule to support the event. Our StrongBack wheelchairs proved, despite the access difficulties locals may face in Essex, freedom can be enhanced with a quality assistive product from TGA.”

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Eric Cooper, TGA Wheelchair Specialist (left), supported the ARC wheelchair handling training day with StrongBack wheelchairs and expert advice.