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TGA Mobility Donates Electric Bicycle Parts to Support ReCycle Charity and Rural Africans

4th March, 2016

TGA, a leading mobility scooter and wheelchair powerpack specialist, has donated a substantial amount of redundant bicycle components to 'ReCycle' so that this charity can supply more working bicycles to deprived areas of Africa.

ReCycle is a UK charity committed to improving life prospects through the provision of cheap, sustainable transport in Africa. In rural Africa where there is no public transport, people have to walk long distances to access education, health care or employment. For many people, a bicycle can be the first step out of poverty and towards a better life. Since 1998, ReCycle has shipped over 75,000 bicycles to partnership organisations and destinations all over Africa - TGA redundant bicycle parts and spares will now help to support this provision.

Three charity vans were fully loaded with a multitude of components that were once used in an electric bicycle range supplied by TGA. TGA now solely supplies quality and reliable mobility scooters and wheelchair powerpacks across the UK from its Suffolk distribution centre. With its recent internal expansion and streamlining of operations, TGA felt it was important to recycle old components and reiterate its commitment to sustainability.

Were incredibly thankful to TGA mobility for donating so many bicycle parts! Quality used parts are scarce on the ground and go for much more than brand new Chinese components made for the African market. These spares will prove invaluable to our partners who try their hardest to keep the bikes we send from running into disrepair Merlin Mathews, ReCycle founder and CEO.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director commented: "ReCycle is a fantastic charity and we fully commend its work across Africa. Having a bicycle can make such a huge difference to the owner where there are no other transport options available apart from walking. Here at TGA we fully appreciate the benefits of increased mobility through our supply of reliable scooters. As part of TGA's corporate social responsibilities, we are delighted that our quality electric bike parts and spares will now help more people in rural Africa thrive through ownership of a bicycle."

TGA Mobility Donates Electric Bicycle Parts to Support ReCycle Charity and Rural Africans  thumbnail 1
Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director hands over three vans full of redundant electric bike parts and spares to support ReCycles provision of reconditioned bicycles across Africa.