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TGA Mobility Celebrates 30 Years of Success

21st September, 2015

TGA, one of the UK's leading and growing mobility scooter specialists, has simultaneously celebrated
30 years in business whilst achieving its highest every monthly turnover.

TGA has successfully traded since 1985 and continues to expand through the nationwide supply of quality mobility scooters. These scooters include the award-winning and record-breaking Breeze S4, striking Vita and folding Minimo 'car boot' scooter. TGA scooters and wheelchair Powerpacks provide independence with peace of mind to people living with mobility issues across the UK. Supply of these reliable products along with exceptional service and support levels, have resulted in TGA achieving its highest ever monthly turnover during August 2015 - 1,000,000.

Its current nationwide headquarters in Sudbury, Suffolk, are located only a few miles from the original premises in Halstead opened by company founder David Stone. TGA initially began as a small retail outlet selling spares and parts for high performance cars known as 'Top Gear Accessories' - hence today's name. As a skilled engineer, David was also keen to assist local people with mobility difficulties and began adapting bicycles with electric motors. Procurement of these electric motors led to a commercial opportunity to start supplying a new type of pioneering mobility vehicle, the 'Superlight' scooter. This became the first TGA model and through David's vision and tenacity, he built TGA into a substantial business over two decades. Now under the expert leadership of his son, TGA and its 50 staff operate from 25,000sqft premises and supply products nationally and internationally. Despite its larger scale these days, its caring, family-run ethos remains. TGA's manufacturing heritage is also still as strong as ever through continued design and technology innovations within its products. Its wheelchair Powerpacks, which help push a manual wheelchair, have been proudly designed and manufactured in the UK for over 25 years.

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director comments: "I am delighted that we have achieved two significant milestones this year. Continuing to expand over 30 years and reaching our highest ever monthly turnover is the result of my team's hard work and determination. However successful we continue to be, the whole of TGA will never lose sight of our key ethics - to help people with mobility difficulties gain more from life through the right products and caring service. We continue to take pride in how TGA mobility scooters and other independent living products improve lifestyles and well-being - this is what motivates us everyday. Our customer-centric ethos will be unrelenting as we strive for more success in the future."

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Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director (centre, front) cuts TGA's 30th birthday cake surrounded by members from his hardworking team.