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TGA Mobility and its Facebook page save the day for Glaswegian Eclipse scooter owner Sharon

22nd June, 2017

Sharon McFarlane from Glasgow lives with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and depends on a TGA Eclipse car boot mobility scooter to remain mobile. Her three-year-old black and orange Eclipse is nicknamed ‘Boomer’ as its colours are the same as the Cincinnati Bengals American Footballer Quarterback ‘Boomer Esiason’ – who Sharon supported when she lived in Cincinnati. ‘Boomer’ provides invaluable independence to Sharon who struggles to walk especially when taking her three Tibetan Mastiffs to the local park or the picturesque Pollok Park in central Glasgow. She dismantles her compact Eclipse into five easy-to-lift parts and drives using a Motability vehicle – benefiting from use of her own scooter on arrival. However Sharon’s freedom was recently in jeopardy when she accidently dropped the battery resulting in a fault. Within one day Sharon was mobile again thanks to TGA and its Facebook page.

Sharon explains: “It was my own fault that I dropped Boomer’s battery resulting in the handle breaking and the power connections not working properly. So I messaged TGA on Facebook really late at night and first thing next morning I had a message to say someone would call. A kind TGA Service Advisor then called me within hours and was able to offer a solution – the part was dispatched that day and arrived the next morning. It fitted perfectly and resolved the battery problem instantly with no hassle at all, I was mobile again and out walking the dogs as if nothing had happened. Thank goodness for this level of service as without my TGA Eclipse I would be back to worrying about the time and distances involved when being out with my walking stick. I’ve had Boomer serviced every year and it has never let me down.”

Sharon runs a successful events crew company and uses her Eclipse on a daily basis. The pain and discomfort she experiences with RA varies however by using a mobility scooter she does not have to adjust her routine dependent on good or bad days. Sharon adds: ‘My Eclipse has made the lives of all my family so much easier. I always wanted a compact scooter that would fit in the car boot but didn’t feel flimsy when driving. Plus I need controls and tiller grips that are easy to use in a variety of comfortable positions. So many people come up to me and say they admire me for driving a scooter in my 40’s. Driving a mobility scooter doesn’t mean you are an older person. It just means you are able to go out on your own terms without stressing about how long it is going to take you to go anywhere, or whether you can comfortably make it back home or to the car.”

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Onboard her TGA Eclipse mobility scooter nicknamed Boomer, Sharon takes her Tibetan Mastiffs for a walk alongside the banks of Loch Ness, Scotland