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TGA launches #TGAscootSafe campaign for safer driving

7th January, 2019

Poor visibility, longer nights, dirtier surfaces: it’s safe to say the winter months offer up their fair share of obstacles. And while we can all take the precautions to take care of our own safety – namely regular scooter maintenance and clean canopy screens – it’s just as important to be clearly seen by other road users. That’s why TGA have launched the new #TGAscootSafe campaign for 2019.

TGA already offer quality and reliable scooters for maximum safety and peace of mind with features including powerful high visibility lights, responsive performance and clever technology such as automatic braking. But as part of the campaign, you will also be able to find free advice guides, including information from the Highway Code and basic scooter maintenance tips, as well as safe driver training and high-visibility giveaways.

But this isn’t all about us: we want you to get involved too. By including #TGAscootSafe on social media, we want you to share positive advice and experiences to help all users stay safe this winter. The more information out there, the safer we all are.

Be sure to get involved in the #TGAgiveaway competition too. To support the campaign, we’re giving away a high-visibility rucksack, snap wraps, stickers and gilet! You can find details of how to win on the TGA Mobility Facebook page. Good luck! 


To discover safer ways to drive a mobility scooter and to enter TGA’s latest giveaway, search #TGAscootSafe.