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TGA helps NW6 disabled Jay get his stolen legs back thanks to Vita mobility scooter

7th October, 2016

Jay Adewale, 46 from London and who lives with a muscle wasting condition, has regained his independence on a Vita Midi at TGA Mobility’s safe scoot driving day, following the theft of his previous mobility scooter.

TGA is a UK-leading mobility scooter specialist that has helped disabled and elderly people regain their freedom for over 30 years. Across the nation its quality, reliable and contemporary-styled scooters provide a lifeline for people who struggle to walk – without these trusted products many people would be housebound and unable to see friends or access local amenities.

Jay from north west London is one such individual who lives with a neurological disability that results in his muscles becoming weaker over time. He also has to live with symptoms similar to extreme Rheumatoid Arthritis so walking unaided is impossible. Putting weight on his legs causes Jay a lot of pain, hence he purchased another brand of mobility scooter a while ago. However, this scooter was recently stolen from outside of his home and left him with ‘no legs’. Without insurance, he needed to quickly find a scooter that he could afford and ideally one that was more in-keeping with his age – a cutting edge TGA Vita Midi was the answer. The Vita looks more like a modern motorbike with streamlined body moulding, LED lights, bucket seat and revolutionary suspension.

TGA recently hosted a safe mobility scooter driving day at its Suffolk headquarters which gave Jay the ideal opportunity to test drive a new Vita in a safe and controlled environment. Conveniently located for locals living in north London, the TGA showroom displays a comprehensive range of award winning mobility scooters. Instead of a home demonstration, Jay and his wife decided to drive up to Sudbury after researching online – this short journey was a life-changer for them. Jay explains: "Having my scooter stolen had been a real nightmare but without this happening I would never have discovered the TGA Vita Midi. It is totally different to old-fashioned scooters that can look like a red box on wheels, wow, it is real header turner. As soon as I saw it I had to have it."

Jay continues: "We managed to get to TGA’s safe scoot event late on in the day but they still gave me the opportunity to try the Vita around their test course. It was really useful test driving it over bumps so I got a feel of the suspension and how much power to apply when going around corners. They were so helpful. I will be getting insurance this time for sure as my Vita is so eye catching, I might even get a tracker or wheel clamp. It is such a great feeling to get my legs back I have even driven to the South Bank and spent time with my wife in nature reserves as she is a self-employed photographer. She’s taken some great shots of me at night by Big Ben as my Vita’s LED lights are so bright and make me feel safe. When you have a disability why should you have to drive something boring? TGA’s choice of cool Vita scooters definitely meets a wider and younger criteria of customer."

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Jay Adewale from NW London test drives his new legs (Vita Midi) at the recent TGA safe mobility scooter driving day.