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TGA delivers well-attended mobility scooter workshop at Ipswich Stroke Association group

14th February, 2020

TGA has provided a rewarding product workshop for those affected by stroke at the St John Ambulance Ipswich Town Centre hall.

Around 25 attendees and volunteers were able to learn more about independence with mobility scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs and how to select appropriate products for specific needs.   After the talk, they were then given the opportunity to test drive a selection of scooters to better identify appropriate product types.

"TGA is committed to outreach and supporting people through free education regarding independent mobility,” Eric Cooper, TGA the Product Specialist who led the event, explains. “We find the best way for people to assess product suitability is to test drive them in a safe relaxed environment. My presentation gave a brief overview of scooter classification and how these relate to varying lifestyles and mobility challenges. I highlighted several product features that have been specifically designed to help people after a stroke which were intently noted by the audience."

Elaine Monsen, Stroke Association Support Coordinator – Communication Support, added: "The group and I agree with TGA in terms of the value gained from the presentation. The weekly meetings cover an array of topics to help with life after stroke – from practical to fun. Mobility scooters cover both these areas and it was surprising to see how technology has progressed with these machines. We will continue to consider further ways of working with TGA to enhance the lifestyles of our members."

“In terms of the products we demonstrated, several attendees commented positively about our WHILL Model C powerchair and wheelchair powerpacks which eliminate the strain of pushing for carers,” Eric concludes. “It was also great to see people gain confidence on the larger 8mph Breeze S4 scooter following a tentative start. TGA would like to thank the Stroke Association for the opportunity and hope we can work together again in the future."



The Stroke Association supports regular group events to support individuals who have experienced a stroke. Sessions are delivered throughout Suffolk for stroke survivors of all ages, including those of working age as part of the Stroke Working Age Group.