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TGA continues servicing and repairs for reliant customers

21st April, 2020

Our ability to join in family adventures and see friends may have been temporarily hampered, but that doesn't mean mobility should be compromised.   

TGA is continuing to provide back-up servicing and emergency repairs, but just in a slightly different, contactless way – all while delivering on the high level of service and repair expected.  

Routine annual servicing can still be booked for later in the year, of course (just call us on 01787 888100) but it’s keeping emergency visits going which has already helped customers like Mr Hughes from Pembrokeshire. "Excellent service in very worrying times!” he said. “Thank you TGA and especially to the service engineers."

As well as emergency visits, market-leading TGA scooters are also providing a lifeline for new customers – all of whom can take advantage of a longer 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month interest-free credit. New Breeze S4 owner Mick Waters, for example, was ‘very satisfied’ with his purchase this week.

"We understand people rely on our scooters and wheelchairs to keep themselves mobile,” TGA’s managing director says. “This is why we are still trying to get out as much as we can to help. Service calls continue to come in so we’re assisting with safe home visits while following all government guidelines. We’re also still taking orders for our market-leading products and continue to be committed to providing independence with peace of mind." 

“With the weather getting warmer we are here so people can enjoy the fresh air and gardens where safe to do so."



Need a service? Call 01787 888100.