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TGA champions disabled golf with free Disabled Golf Association membership

26th October, 2020

To help more people enjoy golf, TGA is supporting the Disabled Golf Association (DGA) with free membership offered to new owners of the fairway-friendly TGA Breeze S4 GT and Breeze S3 GT.

Golf is becoming more popular as it can still be played safely outside and like all sports in the fresh air, can improve mental health and wellbeing. However, due to social distancing, many disabled golfers are finding an increase in cost of playing as golf buggies can no longer be shared.

The Breeze S4 GT offers a replacement for the traditional golf buggy with wide, fairway-friendly tyres and a holder for golf bags. This means players with restricted mobility can still enjoy the benefits playing golf offers, while avoiding the cost of buggy hire on every game. TGA has therefore teamed up with the DGA to provide free society membership with every new Breeze S4 GT and Breeze S3 GT.

The DGA was set up in 2010 so disabled golfers could play in a relaxed and supportive group and now has over 750 members nationwide. It is coordinated by Graeme Robertson, who organises around 40 annual competitions for golfers with a range of conditions. Players with multiple sclerosis (MS), arthritis, Parkinson's and visual impairment play alongside members living with stroke and amputation.

Graeme has MS and is one of many wheelchair members who plays golf with standing support. The Breeze S4 GT now provides the ideal solution for players such as Graeme with its comfortable ride, swivel seat and range of up to 30 miles. Its off-road capabilities ensure the driving experience is stable and smooth, with consistent traction so fairways are protected.

“Encouraging more disabled people to come and play golf with us, in a safe and relaxing way, remains our priority,” Graeme says. “Playing in a friendly group is such fun whatever your ability. This message will now be supported by TGA through its free DGA membership offer and new Breeze S4 GT. We look forward to working together with a view to increasing inclusion and accessibility in a sport that is proven to be rewarding.”

“We have heard from our customers how our mobility scooters are being used for all sorts of hobbies including dog walking, gardening, fishing and golf,” Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director, adds. “At a time when these pastimes are so important, it is great that societies like the DGA are around to help. By assisting in a small way, we hope the accessible side of the game is discovered by more people.”