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TGA Breeze 4 owner and disability rights campaigner begins mission to save home care benefits

12th August, 2010

TGA Breeze 4 owner Andy Morris from Leicester is a passionate disability rights activist who has recently begun a campaign combating local council plans to cut community care.

He has recently driven over 8 miles from his home in Thurnby Lodge, Leicester, to his local County Hall so he could hand in his official letter of protest as he and his wife face losing their free home help. Displaying a poster on his eye-catching Breeze 4 encouraging drivers to 'honk for support', Andy generated a large amount of attention on his journey, which represented only the beginning of his action.

Andy explained, "I unfortunately have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, a condition that affects my nerves and muscles, however thanks to my robust TGA Breeze 4 scooter, I have the ability to get out there and try and stop the county council's plans. I love my Breeze 4 and it is proving to be very affective at grabbing people's attention as it is so eye-catching and looks more like a moped than an old fashioned mobility scooter. This is exactly what I need as I want maximum exposure of my mission to save certain people's benefits. As I plan to regularly visit the county council offices to ensure my views are heard, it's a good job I have my Breeze 4 as the round trip is over 16 miles. I do understand that there are unfortunately some people who do not need assistance with their mobility still claim benefit, however my wife certainly does, as without this, she has absolutely no respite from caring for me 24/7.

My local county council has already offered me a seat on the consultation committee regarding the home care review and my ultimate goal is to drive up Downing Street on my TGA Breeze 4 and deliver my findings to David Cameron. I will not stop until I get the result that I, my wife and many genuinely less able people out there deserve!"

Under the UK home care system, less able people are assessed and placed into one of four categories - low, moderate, substantial and critical. Currently those individuals in the lowest band only qualify for advice and information however it is the Government's intention to extend this to the moderate classification. This could result in individual's having to pay up to 14 per hour for private sector workers to help with essential daily tasks such as preparing meals and getting in and out of bed. It is estimated that under these plans, over 5,600 less able people could be left with home care costs they simply cannot afford.

Leicester Counciller David Sprason commented, "The help will still be available, it just won't be subsidised by the council any more. We are actually protecting the most vulnerable by removing a subsidy from the more able".

TGA will be staying in touch with Andy to check on his progress and wish him well with his campaign.

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