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26th July, 2011

UK-leading mobility specialist TGA is delighted to announce the appointment of Dominic Thomas as its new Service Manager. He will now be responsible for the team delivering scooter servicing, maintenance and repairs at the company's headquarters in Sudbury, Suffolk.

Dominic or 'Dom' Thomas, 38 from Bury St. Edmunds, brings over 20 years of engineering and management experience to TGA. Following completion of an engineering apprenticeship aged 15, Dom's career has progressed very well over the years to include responsibility for delivering electrical and mechanical maintenance contracts for big names such as HBOS and Barclays. During the last five years before joining TGA, Dom moved into managerial roles that have resulted in the perfect combination of skill sets for his new position. Dom comments: "My new status as Service Manager at TGA represents an exciting time in my career. I have been speaking with Daniel Stone, the TGA Managing Director, for some time now before joining the company as this role is so pivotal in his organisation. I am glad to say after many discussions, we both concluded this was the right move for me. The team here is fantastic as there is a great combination of friendliness, respect and professionalism which has helped me settle in quickly. I am now responsible for all aspects of scooter servicing, repairs and maintenance and organising delivery fleet logisitics. This position is unique within TGA as it also acts as the 'linchpin' between the warehouse and sales. In addition to my established relationship with Daniel, I have already built up an excellent working rapport with key team members such as Tim Ross, the National Sales Manager, Natasha Telfer, Dealer Co-ordinator and Tim Mills who supports the Managing Director. Dealers can rest assured that feedback from the field is now directly communicated to the Service Department and all issues will be managed and resolved efficiently."

So far, 2011 is one of TGA's most successful years and hence the business continues to expand and evolve. It's new products such as the latest generation Breeze S3 and S4 which were launched at Naidex National are continuing to be extremely popular with dealers as they offer excellent, stable margins along with reliability, comfort and market-leading performance for end users. These are dynamic times at TGA and Dom's appointment could not have been confirmed at a better stage in the company's development. Daniel Stone concludes: "Our products are renowned for reliability and quality however this reputation must be equalled by outstanding service levels. We are fully aware that there have been a few servicing-related issues recently, however TGA continually strives to be the best and now Dom is onboard, dealers can rest assured that levels of support will continue to be enhanced further than ever before. I have complete confidence that Dom will manage his engineering-based team effectively so that warranties issues will be resolved quickly, deliveries will be on time and dealer requests will be acted upon promptly and accurately. Dom's work ethic has the ideal balance between diligence and urgency so our valued dealers will experience minimum hassle and a service level they deserve. We have several new and exciting ideas in the pipeline which Dom has brought into the business so I am sure with his vision and our established heritage, TGA will continue to go from strength to strength."

Outside of TGA, Dom is a keen motorcycle racing fan who visits Snetterton and Brands Hatch whenever his busy family life allows. He is married with two daughters aged 10 and 14 who's many extra curriculum activities such as netball and drama keep Dom away from his beloved Motorsport in the nicest possible way!