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TGA appoints Dr Hannah Barham-Brown as WHILL Model C Ambassador

8th October, 2019

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, GP Registrar, speaker, disability and charity advocate, media spokesperson, BMA Council member and Shaw Trust Disability Power 100 nominee has been appointed as TGA's official WHILL Model C Ambassador.

A regular commentator in the press for equality and diversity, Hannah was also featured in last year’s ‘Powerlist’ from the Shaw Trust, which includes the UK’s 100 Most Influential Disabled People and recently delivered her latest international TEDx talk. In addition to her media and medical career, she is an ambassador for two charities including MyAFK, The Eve Appeal and founded ‘Help in Handbags’ – a Leeds-based #PeriodPoverty Campaign.

"I am absolutely delighted to have been appointed as TGA's WHILL Ambassador in the UK,” Hannah commented of the news of her role. “I have experienced first-hand the remarkable advantages of WHILL Model C ownership and will continue to pass on my experiences to everyone I meet. I believe disability can be an asset, that we are able to drive change and deliver greater equality for everyone. This powerchair has massively enhanced my ability to do so.”

Hannah has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which results in hypermobile joints. After completing a half marathon, to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation following the loss of her two brothers, she was diagnosed with the condition. As her shoulders have become more prone to dislocation, manual propulsion in a wheelchair is more challenging – hence the need for a powered alternative. Without her WHILL Model C, continuing as a GP and campaigner would be in jeopardy.

“TGA are an ethical and understanding product specialist, providing a client-centric service that focuses on assured independence,” she says. “I believe WHILL Model C represents a real development in personal mobility and I feel proud to be officially associated with a product that facilitates greater possibilities for a diverse demographic.

“Why should wheelchair users have to compromise style and self-esteem just to remain mobile? WHILL delivers a fresh approach to assistive equipment in that its design is so good, it’s almost completely inconspicuous. I believe in focusing on people and their potential; potential that the WHILL is already allowing me to achieve. That's why my passion will be behind this TGA ambassador role 100%."